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Avoid costly mistakes and dangerous pitfalls by knowing the latest rules around renovation.

Before starting any job around the home, Victorians should know the rules to make home improvements right the first time.

DIY renovations and completion of work yourself can be a proud achievement; however, it can be complex, so you need to know when to hire licensed and registered professionals.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA), has a home renovations online hub with guides on various topics, including landscaping, protecting adjoining properties and appointing a building surveyor.

Victoria Building Authority

To do any regulated plumbing work in Victoria, a plumbing practitioner must be licensed or registered by the VBA, and if the total value of the works is $750 or greater, a licensed plumber must issue a compliance certificate to you.

All licensed and registered plumbers are issued with a photo ID card that lists the type of plumbing work they are eligible to do.

How to get the most out of your build from the VBA:

Geelong Plumbing Co is proud to be a registered plumber through the Victorian Building Authority.

Plumbing is a highly specialised trade requiring thousands of hours to master. At Geelong Plumbing Co, we have gone through extensive training, obtained qualifications, licenses and had years of on-the-job experience to accurately and safely provide plumbing services.


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